Say hello to 'Fluff the Hedgehog' - Cambridge's Prettiest Pet!

30th July 2015

Say hello to 'Fluff the Hedgehog' - Cambridge's Prettiest Pet!

Back in April we ran a competition to search for the prettiest pet in Cambridge 2015. We had entries for all sorts of pets including dogs, cats, fish, ponies, and guinea pigs. 

But the crowned winner was Fluff the Hedgehog. Part of Fluff's fantastic prize was a Pet Photoshoot with Lina and Tom Photography.

Fluff's owner was extremely pleased with the day and the final photos, saying, "The photos are really amazing. Lina and Tom were very accommodating and they actually came to me and took these pictures in my house so Fluff was relaxed in his familiar environment".

And we're pleased to share some of those amazing pictures with you. One...two...three...ahhhhhh. 

Images courtesy of Lina and Tom Photography (



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